Nothing but Tango (2016)

CD Index

1 Olé Guapa   Arie Maasland
2 Tango Karina Gustl Schwarzmeier
3 Laß uns träumen am Lago Maggiore Benny de Weille
4 Psicosis* Astor Piazzolla
5 S.V.P. (S’il vous plaît) Astor Piazzolla
6 Tzigane Tango Astor Piazzolla
7 Volver Carlos Gardel
8 Hernando´s Hideaway* Richard Adler & Jerry Ross
9 El Choclo (Kiss of fire) Ángel Villoldo
10 Clarine-Tango Roberto Pansera
11 Tango Choc Astor Piazzolla
12 Se armó Astor Piazzolla
13 In einer kleinen Konditorei Fred Raymond
14 Capri-Fischer Gerhard Winkler
15 Oh, Donna Clara Jerzy Petersburski
16 Rio de Janeiro Kurt Drabek
17 Buenos Aires Manuel Jovés
18 Preparense Astor Piazzolla
19 Te quiero Tango Astor Piazzolla
20 Jalousie Jacob Gade
21 Adios Nonino Astor Piazzolla

Sample tracks


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